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Nightmare Logic

  • Antigen


Descending from The Ether, to give voice and sound to the unified grief, hope, and fear afflicting this human world…. An interpretation of humanity’s nightmares will grip them through a symphony of post-modern, industrial and heavy rock. Haunting choruses coupled with dark guitar riffs and elements of synth-wave translate the chaos of the human condition into a powerful sound that will resonate to the core of the listener, branding them with the curse of nightmares.

Established in MMXX, drawing from influences from various artists, Nightmare Logic delivers a devastating sound that blurs the lines between modern metal and radio rock that sonically disrupts the listener.

Each song is a ritual, an incantation, a curse… and it is through this curse, and by our collective, that you will come to understand…

…the curse of nightmares.

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